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Owner and Home Inspector - David Lambrecht

I own the company, and I do all the inspections. I have over 25 years experience performing inspections. I was a residential and commercial energy auditor and a Super Good Cents home inspector for new construction with the former Montana Power Company here in Butte. I have additional experience performing Phase I Environmental Assessments on commercial and industrial properties as an environmental consultant. I am a graduate of the 120 hour American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) School in Littleton, CO and a member of ASHI in good standing. I also have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Montana State University, Bozeman. Years of residential, commercial, and industrial inspection experience along with my environmental background leave me in the unique position to have a well rounded inspection knowledge base.

Pro Inspections Plus

Pro Inspections Plus, LLC is a small, locally-owned company dedicated to providing the most thorough home inspection services available in the Butte, Montana area. I have no ties with any other business and do not perform any repair work. A completely honest and objective opinion about the condition of the house will be provided. Pro Inspections Plus is licensed and insured. I use Palm-Tech 7.0 home inspection software and will produce an electronic report with color photos within 24 hours of performing the inspection. I also provide radon screening and utilize a Sun Nuclear model 1028 monitor that is tamper resistant. After the test, an electronic report showing the results and recommendations is provided.

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I treat a home inspection as an educational process. I encourage my clients to attend so they can have the best understanding of the house in order to make intelligent buying decisions. Questions are welcome at any time during or after the inspection.


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